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Artist 001: Mother Mother

Wow, I'm only like twenty years late in getting this comm off the ground. Still, let's get started with my favorite band: Mother Mother.

Mother Mother's Wikipedia page.
Their official website.

My friend Aaron came to visit me a few years ago, and he had just recently downloaded a huge .zip file of "Indie artists you should be listening to." He waved me over and told me to listen to one song in particular:


This song is definitely one of their more tame offerings, which is perhaps why it's good to start people with. It stuck in my head; his twangy voice, their rustic backwoods sound, the gorgeous three-part harmonies (which this band is most famous for), the way they play with rhythm, and the quirky lyrics.

There's something so refreshing about Mother Mother's sound, especially in today's music scene. They've got such great musical chops—every part of their performance is polished, but in a way that still seems very rustic. You can trace the influences on their sound back to a lot of places: blues, jazz, orchestral, rock, even electronica on their later albums.

But the thing I look for most in music is always the lyrics, and Mother Mother's lyrics are like no other band I've ever heard—cynical, but in a way that's both realistic (not hysterical) and even good-humored. I especially love the images they bring up, which are jarring and a little disturbing but also funny? The mixture of sweetness and bitterness really keeps my attention.


When I see two young pups
Sitting in a malt shop
Drinking out of one cup
With two straws and one lung

That's such a cliched sweetheart image and then they twist it with just two words. Bam. Such great lyric-writing, man.

Mother Mother tackles hard issues head-on: anorexia, gender dysphoria, love, suicide, alienation, sexuality of all sorts. And I love that—I love that they try to tell the truth as they see it, which is nothing like the fairytale stories that society usually tries to sell us. Still, while their viewpoint is decidedly jaded, it's also never entirely hopeless imo.

Anyway, once I had listened to enough of their songs on YouTube, I finally got my hands on O My Heart, which is their second album. I legitimately like every single song on the album, which is pretty rare for me. Sometimes I'll get a little tired of the last track, but on the whole it's hard for me to kick any of Mother Mother's songs off of my iPod, lol. Then I got their hands on their first album, and their third and fourth as they were released, and I continued to like basically every song. While I do generically like everything I hear, mostly, each track Mother Mother releases has something special to it that makes it stand out.

I love this band so much. They really mean a lot to me, because they say things I need to hear sometimes. Their music has been with me through some rough spots and long nights. They're basically always in my car CD mix somewhere. I've heard they're spectacular live, but as they basically only tour in Canada I've never been able to see them. Sigh. :(


Touch Up (I'd recommend starting with their second album before looping back for this one)
Their first album is their most acoustic album, and is also darker and harsher than their later offerings (although their fourth album is getting back to this level of darkness; the sound, however, is light and pop-ish enough to keep it out of the woods). It's a really good album, but it's also one that you should probably only listen to when you're in the mood for it.
Samples: Dirty Town, Polynesia, Love and Truth, Verbatim (warning for discussion of gender and gender dysphoria), Tic Toc, Touch Up (my favorite song).

O My Heart
While people may not always love all their other albums, basically everyone loves this one. It's a little more upbeat than their last album, while still remaining on-point both lyrically and harmonically.
Samples: O My Heart, Try to Change, Wisdom (my favorite song), Arms Tonite. I already mentioned "Ghosting" and "Heart Heavy" from this album earlier :)

This was produced by the same sound engineer who worked with Lady Gaga, iirc, and you can hear the techno creep on this album. I really love it, because I love electronica, but a lot of people did not agree with me. You can dance to this album much more than you can their other two, which is so much fun!
Samples: Chasing it Down, The Stand (my favorite song), Baby Don't Dance, Far in Time, Oleander.

The Sticks
This album just came out pretty recently!! And I love every track on it. The wiki page says it's a concept album about removing oneself from society, and I guess? I haven't even really started digging into the lyrics on this album because I'm so busy being enraptured by the energy and good singing. You totally want to sing along with all these tracks. All the songs are just so good ugh.
Samples: Let's Fall In Love, Dread in my Heart, Infinitesmal, Bit By Bit (my favorite song), Latter Days, Love It Dissipates

I found their albums by digging around on mediafire, etc.; I'm sure you can also find torrents if you look. (What is bittorrent? And if you're not sure what to use, I'd always recommend using the default bittorrent client—it's never given me trouble.) But ideally you should

At their website (links to iTunes)

Let me know what you think :D! And if you really want me to give you the albums I can upload them, just leave a comment saying so.
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Oh man, I'm so excited that you've started this! I haven't heard of Mother Mother but I will check them out. Thanks for this post, it's really helpfully laid out and I love it when people talk about their feelings about bands.

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ahh I just listened to Ghosting and what a good song and also SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE!!
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listening to o my heart (the album) on repeat pretty much